Dr. Marjorie M Renfrow is a Geriatric Medicine Specialist in Grinnell, Iowa with more than 19 years of diverse experiences in Geriatric Medicine and Family Practice.

Dr. Renfrow is accepting new patients in Grinnell, Iowa. She is available for office appointments, care of your loved one in a nursing home, assisted living center, and even visits in your home.  Dr. Renfrow comes to you or your loved one to create a caring and compassionate customized care program. 

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Our practice provides caring and compassionate care to the aging population.  Not just geriatric care, but care to those aging and having more complex conditions needing coordination among their healthcare providers and a care advocate on their side. 


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Renfrow comes to Grinnell from a geriatric clinic in Bella Vista, Ark., where she provided care for individuals in the mature years of life. Her path to Grinnell includes a diverse career and travel background that will fit well with patients in the area.

“I’ve taken care of grandparents and my mother as they aged and passed during the past two decades. The need for quality senior care will continue to expand,” Renfrow says. “I know how hard it was finding good quality medical care for my family members so I decided to take on a second career and focus on geriatrics.”

Once she decided to change careers, Renfrow attended Purdue University initially to become a nurse. With the strong advice of a professor, she switched career paths to become a physician. Renfrow earned her medical degree from the American University of Caribbean School of Medicine, St. Maarten. She completed her residency through the Synergy Medical Education Alliance at Central Michigan University, in Saginaw, Mich. She completed a geriatric fellowship at the University of Hawaii, and returned to Saginaw to work at the Veteran’s Administration. She is board certified in both family and geriatric medicine.

Becoming a physician has been a second career for Renfrow, who was an accountant for 20 years for her family’s farm in Grant County, Okla. During this time, she cared for elderly family members and realized healthcare was missing an important element to help the senior population.

“Geriatrics is evolving in our society as the baby boomer population ages. What I learned caring for family was that this is more than medication. It’s about culture and beliefs as well as challenging family dynamics,” Renfrow says.

Renfrow moved to Grinnell to be near her aunt and uncle. When she has free time she enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, bird watching, photography, and family.   

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